The chat that never sleeps

The Global CamChat



As Admins and moderators, we are enforcing the rules that the has put up. 
We are working together with the chatters to give the site and the chat a face lift as soon as it's needed. 
We are also making sure that people across the world knows about us. 
We are unique. As our chatters!

PuppyEyes: ADMIN
This shy guy is a 24 years old Swedish puppy with 9 years of experiance of owning camchats around the globe.
Even if he's shy, he can make anyone start chatting.

PNYC: Moderator
This is New Yorks beautiful 44 years old honey who can even make PuppyEyes laugh.
As a part of the Musical Force Family she knows all about what"Good music" means. 

Uno:  Moderator
A young girl from Sweden who has been around both globalcamchat and PuppyEyes for a while.
She moderated the chat back in the days and is now back with us! 

Psycotic_Irishman:  Moderator

Globalcamchat latest moderator!

20 years oldguy from the the army. I wouldn't make me mad.

Foolish1: Moderator

Globalcamchat presents to you the FOOL of our chats!

20 years old male from the Fooland. ;)